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I take great pride in my volunteer child advocacy work and ability to help protect children who are targeted for abduction or who have been internationally kidnapped. The fact is the I CARE Foundation I am the Founding Director of has had a significant beneficial impact on society and the issues of international parental child abduciton and human trafficking prevention by rescuing children of abduction, preventing the abductioni of many more children, conducting research in the area of abduction and trafficking, and working feverishly to pass new laws or modify existing policies so children will be out of harms way.

Writing, particularly novels, is one of my great life passions.

Over the course of these past few years, I have written a several geopolitical thrillers. Each one of them has become a best-selling book in accordance to the most important industry ratings – the various wholesaler best-seller lists, which every book publisher in the world must sell their products through in order to reach the various retail stores and library markets. I am very proud of this accomplishment; however, in all the success I have achieved thus far, I have never lost sight that what really matters to me is that the messages I have penned are messages my son will understand by word and by act.

As far as my writing is concerned, I have created a fairly diverse portfolio of work. Nevertheless, my writing does identify my interests, my passions, and well, it provides a window into my own life.

War On Wall Street was written during the time my son was getting ready to enter the world. At that time, I had come down with a serious form of cancer, and I did not know if I was going to survive. So, regardless of the material objects I would have been able to leave my son, if I passed, he would only know me through pictures. So I wrote this story for him. And in it, unquestionably, I do speak to Tyler.

Cloning Christ was conceptualized during the time I spent in New York’s ‘Ground Zero’ during 911. During one particular night, I lost my faith in God and did not understand how HE could and would allow for such a disaster to occur. While spending the evening inside a church, essentially speaking my anger-filled mind at God, I soon realized that HE did not abandon us. And so, at sometime in the middle of the night and into the early part of the morning, I wrote a very detailed outline and synopsis of ‘Cloning Christ’. And for those of you who may want to know where the title originates from – well it was inside Trinity Church – that sits high on Wall Street, where this all took place.

In The Den of the Assassin I can honestly say that my writing skills began to transform, to sharpen, and to flow differently that in the other two books. The Den of the Assassin is a story of international finance and terrorism. I believe it is one of the best written, accurate, and current post 911 espionage thrillers written. And if you are a New Yorker or love New York, you will then quickly realize just how much I love my hometown too! The paperback version of The Den of the Assassin will be released February 1st, 2011.

Chasing The Cyclone was both the hardest and easiest book for me to write. It is a story of international parental child abduction and a father’s unending desire to find, protect, and unite with his kidnapped son. I mention that it was the ‘hardest’ story because the story is drawn from my experiences as a Chasing Parent who was forced to race to the other side of the world and then some in search of my own child. And surely it was the easiest story to write because, well, it is based upon my experiences and familiarity of having to attempt to find and bring home my son. Which I did. Safely.

The World Turned Upside Down was created as a FREE resource guide for parents at risk of having their child criminally abducted and taken abroad. The book is created in an open-tablet E-book format so that all individuals everywhere may have access to the highly informative and groundbreaking information on this subject that was created due to the extensive research my co-author Carolyn Vlk and I put forth.  The World Turned Upside Down is one of the many examples of my heart-felt advocacy and efforts to protect children from the world of abduction.  Combining the publication of the extensive publication The World Turned Upside Down is the release of the landmark educational documentary film on international child abduction titled Chasing Parents: Racing Into The Storms Of IPCA. This film is presently comprised of 10 segments running nearly 4 hours and contains critcial information on IPCA that anyone effected or interested in this subject will benefit from viewing. Additional segments are intended to be added in the near future and on an ongoing basis.

My next book publication I will release is the satire on the film and publishing industry titled The Production, and, the sequel to The Den of the Assassinwhich is titled Predators Games both in the late spring and early summer of 2013, respectively.

On a final note, I would like to thank my many friends and family for always demonstrating unbowed support of me. As those directly in my life know, life is very good these days. My son is growing up to be an amazing little boy. He is happy and acts joyfully. And fortunately, the projects I was initially involved with are carefully being revamped. Along the way, I have become committed to raising awareness on the issues surrounding international parental child abduction, and in my way, trying to help other victimized children and their parents in any way I can.

But most of all, I continue to be a father who loves his son. And that is the most important part of my life.

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