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ISBN-13: 978-0975912348
E-book: January 1st, 2011
Hardcover: Late Fall, 2012

Peter Thomas Senese, a Chasing Parent who successfully turned the world upside-down in search of his abducted child propels the reader into a terrifying, heart-wrenching, suspenseful and triumphant journey of love and dedication in his gripping, highly informative thriller Chasing The Cyclone.  Inspired by, and written through the eyes and experiences of a parent once left behind in the wake of an evil plot that only few could imagine, Chasing The Cyclone is an extraordinary first-hand account of the intricacies and complex legal maze a parent searching for their child in lieu of international parental child abduction must face, and the terrorizing road children of this crime must travel on.  In Chasing The Cyclone, Peter shares a tale so intimate and informative that readers will immediately realize it could only have been written by an individual who journeyed into the darkness in order to protect their child.

* * * * *

Paul Francesco is an independent, successful single man in his late thirties who has  everything in the world going for him: financial stability with the real possibility of obtaining significant wealth, a dedicated and loyal group of family and friends, and a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career. Except Paul has one problem: he lives with a deep, dark secret that torments him: he is a ghost living in purgatory despite his relative success. Unknown to Paul, there is an evil plan to extort his hard-earned assets from him and in the process deny him the one thing that is more important to him than anything else in the world: to be an active part of his son Alex’s life. Unfortunately, his innocent and trusting seven-year old son is at the center of this vicious and diabolical plot directed at him. When things go from bad to worse to unbelievably insane – when judges choose not to uphold the laws of their nations, when law enforcement turns a blind eye, and when one government after another’s hands are tied due to bureaucratic issues of jurisdiction or non-participation of the international treaty on child abduction, the only thing that could prevent Alex from becoming another sad and sorry statistic on a report that nobody wants to read or think about is his father’s vow to never abandon him no matter what. As a result, Paul is forced to become a hunter, chasing the predators who have taken his son to the other side of the world. With the situation becoming more and more desperate, he is forced to find other resources to help him.

As the hunt moves across international borders, he gathers together an extraordinary group of individuals, each with their own powerful stories, to help him. The story moves from The United States and Canada, to the island nations of Oceania, and culminates in the horrifying black-markets of Asia.

* * * * *

Chasing The Cyclone is a first-hand account of the growing epidemic that is international parental child abduction, and the extreme difficulties all parents whose child has been abducted must face in order to protect the welfare of their victimized child or children. This story makes clear what needs to be done both here in The United States and throughout the world in order to protect children from being abducted and taken across international borders.

ISBN: 978-097591235-5
E-BOOK: September 30th, 2011
(FREE Download. 411 pages)

The World Turned Upside Down by Peter Thomas Senese with special contributions by Carolyn Ann Vlk is a dynamic resource guide providing in-depth studies and relevant information regarding international parental child abduction.  The extensive E-book has been made available via E-book Free of Charge by the child abduction prevention advocates with the hope that the information provided will be of great assistance and benefit for all individuals facing or involved with international child abduction.


ISBN-13: 987-0975912300
Hardcover Release: 2005
E-Book Release: December 1st, 2011 (Second Edition)

Den Of The Assassin opens in New York City, where an unassuming investment banker, Tyler Boxter, is preoccupied with his all-consuming career that acts as a personal shield against the trappings of life that hide guilt and pain and memories he doesn’t want. Memories of a time when there was more than superficial niceties. And work. And work for Tyler Boxter was fruitful, perhaps even his salvation.

Unknown to the world, Tyler Boxter and his partner, retired federal judge John Morgan, had in fact embarked upon altering the investment world they dwelled in, a strategy that would, if successful, earn them untold amount of monies. More importantly, if it were possible to receive penance by masterminding a financial strategy that would benefit millions, then that much the better.

However, if they failed . . . failure was not even an option. A mysterious theft leads the two partners from the sanctity of their Wall Street office as they are thrust into the dark world of international terrorism — where zealots stir in the brutal desserts of the Middle East, where dark, sunken eyes look into the abyss of Siberia’s desolate terrains, where prisoners -citizens- who live on a remote peninsula in Asia would rather submit to isolationist cleansing than feel the wrath of a deceitful troll intent on destroying the ideals of the West. Unknown to Boxter, a sophisticated game of corporate chess is about to be played against a madman who is more savage and merciless than the winds of an atomic holocaust. From the current resurgence of former-KGB hard-liners in Russia and the corrupt oligarchs who control the black-market of the weapons trade, from the isolationist mountains of North Korea to the sweeping deserts of the Middle East, from the looming specter of biological warfare to the ways in which terrorists hide and wash their money, from the arcane methods by which corporate America funds itself to the inner workings of Wall Street’s war rooms, to democratic nations’ use of sophisticated computer systems such as PROMIS and PISCES, Peter Thomas’ Den Of The Assassin is an informative, compelling, spine-tingling international espionage thriller that will keep readers turning through the pages.

The novel is steeped in the new realities of our post-9/11 world, which provides the story a visceral prescience teeming with realism and frightful possibility. The focus also provides a warning of sorts, as the greatest danger to America may lie where it is least suspected. The potential dangers inherent in the secret black-market underworld of a still-troubled Russia become a clear and present danger as Den of the Assassin connects former Soviet-bloc activities to terrorist organizations throughout the world.

The world was expected to be a less threatening place after the Soviet Union collapsed due to financial instability in the early 1990’s. Perhaps maybe one day it will be, but for now, ongoing corruption in Russia continues to fuel belligerent organizations intent on implementing terror and destruction in the West. In Den Of The Assassin, author Peter Thomas has a lot to talk about concerning the present U.S. – Russian relationship, and how this relationship affects the world. “Russia is the only destabilized country in the history of the world with the same weapons capacity of the United States, a country today that in fact has had one major financial crisis after another, and actually implemented little needed governing reform capable of circumventing black-market activities, which are, without a doubt, a threat to the West.”

Displaying an uncanny wealth of knowledge in the areas of international finance and the geopolitical world of espionage, readers will conclusively enjoy this page-turning thriller.

ISBN-13: 978-0971082649
Hardcover Release: 2003
E-Book Release: December 1st, 2011 (Second Edition)

The theological thrill ride, darting from Israel through Europe to the United States, focuses on Dr. Max Train, a leading genetic scientist from Syracuse, New York. Max was once a devout believer in God, but now lives a faithless life following the brutal slaying of his beloved wife and four year old autistic daughter twelve years ago. In many ways, Max exemplifies humanity’s difficulties we all face at one time or another to hold onto our faith in God and each other, as well as believing in ourselves and our own abilities. Max represents “every person”.

Twelve years after the widely publicized trial during which Max is rightfully found innocent of his family’s murder pinned on him by corrupt dark forces, Max vacations in Israel. During an earthquake outside of Jerusalem, he discovers what appears to be the Cross Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on nearly two thousand years ago. A mysterious explosion soon destroys the cave where Max had secretly extracted the ancient artifacts, killing, Train believes, his best friend Dr. Luke Gartner and two graduate students he was in Israel with. Moments later, Max’s body is hit with a sea of bullets as the morning sun begins to rise over The Holy Land. A fearful Max escapes Jerusalem, embarking on an odyssey to verify the true identity of the cross and to discover who is behind the killings.

Max may hold the fate of Mankind in his hands. If this is the True Cross and Christ was cloned from the remaining blood stains and hair remnants on the cross, would government and religion become obsolete upon His Second Coming? If the blood stains and hair are those of Jesus, then what does this say about the long held belief Christ rose whole and entire upon his resurrection? Where would the battle lines be drawn between the advances in science and the beliefs of religion? What effect would this knowledge have on one’s faith and beliefs?

In the hallowed halls of the Vatican a righteous Cardinal, Anselm Mugant, hears of the discovery in Jerusalem. Without the Pope’s knowledge and in clear opposition to all Catholic teaching, the wayward prelate will stop at nothing – even murder – in his bid to prevent human cloning from taking place, including his misconceived belief Max Train has intent to clone the possible body of Christ. Mugant is made to represent how Man, when completely self serving, can actually do great harm including the destruction of God’s Way no matter his original intention. He sets up a dangerous and complex cat and mouse game in his effort to do whatever it takes to uphold his own righteous beliefs.

Mugant soon enlists the services of the internationally rumored assassin known simply as The Scorpion to track down Max and silence him with death. The Scorpion, a onetime penitent of the Cardinal, is a force of pure evil and who challenges life. He forces this same challenge onto Max as he casts a deadly shadow over his praised soul and every move he makes.

Adding intricate subterfuge to the plot is the existence of Mugant’s “Fifth Crusade”, five international industrialists with great power and reach devout in the Cardinal’s perspective on human genetic science, and controlled by Mugant’s knowledge of their deepest secrets. Together, Mugant launches an all-out attack to find the ancient artifacts in Train’s possession, and prevent the genetic scientist from doing the unthinkable in his eyes – announcing to the world a cross containing bodily remnants could indeed by the True Cross of Jesus of Nazareth – and clone the body of Christ!

Max is a modern day Job, seeking answers to life’s questions as Hell literally seems to break loose around him. As all those he has ever loved perish around him and others turn against him in order to hasten his demise, Max puts his trust in Sara, a Mossad agent who is the niece of Max’s trusted friend, Rabbi Morty Kohn, who helps him to slowly restore his faith and lay to rest the horror and tragedy that the brutal slayings of his wife and daughter have caused.

Cloning Christ spins a tangled and intricate web of deceit, blackmail, violence, loss, faith, forgiveness, truth and acceptance in a story that questions the right to clone, while responding to the needs and harsh realities of life as we know it. Cloning Christis the story of life and the sacredness of it, as shared in the novel that leaves you racing to turn the page.

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ISBN: 9780971082656
Publication Date: Spring, 2013

Tyler Boxter watches as hundreds of grief-stricken mourners gather at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to say their final good-byes at his very own funeral. Unknown to only a few, Boxter is the only living person to have seen the face of a madman so intent on destroying the West. Now, the former Wall Street banker must transform himself and become a predator in hunt of the world’s most dangerous and lethal zealot.  Predators Games is the sequel of The Den of the Assassin.

ISBN – 9780971082694
Publication Date: Fall, 2013

Max Train has finally found peace in his life. The pain he has carried due to the murder of his beloved wife Annie and their young daughter still exists; however, after a remarkable discovery in The Mount of Olives, and a journey carrying what very well could be the True Cross of Jesus of Nazareth, Max’s trials and tribulations are far from over. Quest is the sequel of Cloning Christ.